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Whiting Chalk Powder

For past six decades, we are engaged as Chalk Powder Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in Porbandar, Gujarat. The assortment of Chalk Powder that we offer is required as raw material in numerous industries. Numerous products such as plastic, synthetic chemicals, cosmetic and paper, Chalk Powder is essentially required in manufacturing them. We possess our own mines and processing unit for pulverization and transformation of Chalk Powder. Our Chalk Powder is free from impurities and is acclaimed for having the features like smoothness, elasticity and plasticity. Besides, Chalk Powder improves opacity and brightness in the surface coating of items like calendar paper.
Chalk Powder Is Required For :

  • Paint Industries
  • Rubber Industries
  • Paper Industries
  • Plastic Industries
  • Ceramic Industries
  • Chemical Industries
  • Cosmetic Industries
  • Ink Manufacturing Industries
  • Allied Industries
  • Coatings Industries
  • Paint Raw material stockist, dealers,distributors
  • Rubber Sheets Mfg
  • Tyres-Tubes manufacturers
  • Rubber Goods Mfg.Ind
  • Footwear Mfg. Industries
  • Wall Putty Mfg
  • Glass putty Mfg
  • Glass Mfg. Ind
  • Rubber Reclaim Ind
  • Fertilizer Mfg. Ind
  • Insectisides & pestisides Mfg. Ind
  • Minerals & Chemicals Distributors / dealers/ stockist
  • Microfine pure white chalk powder

    Pure white chalk powderis natural Calcium Carbonate exists in amorphous form. Amorphous form gives suspending powder in coatings. White powder offered by us is free from any kind of contamination, thus pure. Our White Chalk Powder is widely used in various industries like paints, ceramics, paper, plastic, foundries, plastic, cosmetics, rubber and many other sectors. Microfine Pure White Chalk Powder Used In:
    • Paint manufacturer Industry
    • Wall putty manufacturer grade
    • Fertilizers manufacturer grade
    • Coatings manufacturer industry grade
    • Ceramic Industries
    • Cable wire manufacturer Etc.
    Chalk Powder (MIcrofine pure white chalk powder)

    White Chalk Powder

    Catering to the different industrial requirements, we offer White Chalk Powder to the clients. We have our own quarries of White Chalk Powder. We provide the best quality White Chalk Powder at the most affordable prices to the clients.
    White Chalk Powder Is Used In :
    • Paint manufacturer Grade
    • Cement primers manufacturer
    • Distember manufacturer grade
    • insectisides-pestisides manufacturer grade
    • glass manufacturer grade
    • wall putty grade
    • Paint Hardware retailers grade
    • PVC flooring grade
    • portary farm grade, Etc.
    Chalk Powder (White Chalk Powder)

    Off White Chalk Powder

    Clients can avail from us the superior quality Off White Chalk Powder. The Off White Chalk Powder that we offer is procured from the well-known source that is Porbandar. Our Off White Chalk Powder is available in bulk.
    Off White Chalk Powder Is Used In :
    • Rubber industry
    • Rubber sheets manufacturer
    • Rubber goods manufacturer industry
    • Tyres-tubes manufacturer grade
    • Glass putty manufacturer grade
    • Rubber reclaim ind grade
    • Footwear manufacturer grade
    • Shoe compounding grade
    • Sports goods manufacturer grade
    • Auto parts manufacturer industry, Etc.
    Chalk Powder (Off White Chalk Powder)