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Porbandar, the largest producer of chalk powder in Asia. Porbandar, the place famous for being Mahatma Gandhi's birthplace is also the largest manufacturer of quality natural chalk powder in Asia that is mined and processed at a nearby town Adityana. For over five decades, this chalk powder has been used as one of the prime raw materials in the rubber, paint and putty industries.

There is huge requirement of chalk in the rubber industry. Besides, the paint industry and distemper industry require chalk. Be it the synthetic chemicals, plastic, cosmetic or paper industries, they rely on the chalk powder from Adityana Porbandar area. Earlier, it was found in Rajasthan. But the quality of white chalk in Porbandar is much better, in terms of elasticity and plasticity. Hence, it is convenient for the rubber industry. Also as compared to the quality of chalk existing in different parts of the world, Porbandar's chalk quality is much better and has higher contents than them.